The Rush Way With Tim Schulz
Tim Schulz, President and Founder of Rush Soccer explains the Rush Way Philosophy step by step, from its origins to the date, covering coaching and cultural topics like the Style of Play, the 6-3-1, and the 70 Games
The Rush Way With Tim Schulz II
In this second episode with Tim Schulz, President and Founder of Rush Soccer, Tim explains the Rush Way by covering topics such as the Core Values, the 80-20 rule, the Greetings, the 4:1 coaching approach, as well as the Warm Up, Half Time, and Post Game Coaching, Practice and Game Attendance policies.
Tiago Calvano's 19 Years as a Pro Player: Romario, Messi, Heskey, Del Piero, the best coaches, and much more.
Tiago Calvano, Rush Soccer's Director Of International Affairs, shares with our coaches and players his experiences and thoughts based on his 19+ years career as a professional footballer, playing in multiple teams and countries of the world, including FC Barcelona B, and playing with and against players like Romario, Messi, Del Piero, or Emile Heskey.
Fundamentals of Grassroots with Chris P.
Chris P., Rush Soccer's Developmental Director shares his knowledge with all of our coaches on the essentials, must do's, most common mistakes, and the application of the Rush Way when coaching at the grassroots level.
Coaching Rush Select With Nik Penn
Nik Penn, Rush Soccer's most experienced staff member and founder of the Rush Select Program, shares with us the origins and evolution of the program, and the coaching experiences with our top teams, both nationally and internationally.
Mercy Akide Udoh By The RFCA. Playing 3 World Cups & 2 Olympic Games. What made her different as an athlete, what's special about the Rush, and much more.
The Rush Coach Development Department is proud to bring current VA Rush Girls' Bantam DOC Mercy Akide Udoh, one of the most remarkable women within our network, with an impressive background as a player that includes playing 3 World Cups, 2 Olympic Games, and becoming the first African Women Footballer of the year in 2002, among many other accomplishments. During this entertaining podcast, we cover her career, her advice to young aspiring players, as well as her coaching philosophies and dreams. A must listen.
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