Coach Development, Club Visits
Coach Development, Club Visits

Rush Coach Development – Club Visits

Our department strives to assist the thousands of coaches within Rush Soccer in their development, both from an educational point of view, as well as from a career advancement perspective. To do so, we use a blend of online services.

However, we know how powerful and desirable a visit in person can be. We want to meet you, your club, fellow coaches, and players. Therefore, the RCD reserves a portion of its budget for in person visits to our member clubs.
If you’d like a member of our department to visit your club, please send us an email to and we’ll analyze each visit case by case with you, so as to ensure we are sending the member or members of our staff that will assist you best.

We look forward to meeting you!

"We received Pablo at our club in Colombia and it was nothing but enriching for Sierra FC Rush. He was very professional and easy to work with, he knew his way around people, players, parents and coaches. His visit was very helpful for us to understand all about Rush, not only in relationship to Coach Development but assisting our club overall as we were going through the onboarding process. His visit made a huge impact on our club"
Mauricio Suarez
Sierra FC Rush


Pablo Toledo

Coach Development Director

Pablo Toledo, Rush Soccer’s Sporting Project & Coach Development Director, leads this team by bringing a combination of coaching education and project management skills that reflect in his education and experience.
Once an Economist with a Master’s Degree in Project Evaluation working as a Project Manager for some of the largest corporations in the world, who later on fostered his soccer dreams and achieved multiple USSF, and CONMEBOL licenses, as well as Master’s in Sports Training specializing in Soccer Conditioning and Sports Nutrition.


Developmental Director

Chris is currently the Developmental Technical Director for Rush Soccer and Developmental Director of Coaching at Virginia Rush. He also has experience as a WI and VA Youth Soccer Coaching Education.
Chris runs monthly Developmental webinars/calls with expert speakers and specialists. Chris also has served as MC at the Rush FEST and also runs a free Developmental Camp with Rush staff and volunteers for siblings at Rush FEST. Prior to working for VA Rush, Chris held the Youth Director of Coaching Position at MYSC and now Wisconsin Rush.
Chris holds UEFA “B” License, “Y” License, Premier Diploma, F.A. Preliminary Badge, as well as his USSF “B” and USSF “C” Licenses.


Coach Education Consultant

Megan M., a remarkable A-Senior license coach with extensive experience in the soccer industry, both as a player and coach, including years of work at the US Soccer Federation, joined the team in July 2020 as a Coach Education Consultant. Bringing extensive expertise to the team, Megan focuses in organizing in person coaching events, online workshops for those eager to develop their skills to their top potential, as well as lead on our Rush Female Coaches Alliance program.


CD Project Coordinator

Federico Lopez Frey joined the Coach Development Department in July 2020 under the role of Project Coordinator. Federico brings multiple years of experience as a soccer journalist and editor and his position is the engine behind all of our programs, covering the multiple roles of journalist, editor, webmaster, and administrative lead, to make sure the entire department runs smoothly and delivers on time, top quality content.