Developmental Coach Support:
Chris Panayiotou, Rush Soccer Director of Developmental / Grassroots provides coaches and directors of our 4-10-year-old children with online learning opportunities.
Developmental Online Webinars:
Chris provides our coaches with the opportunity to learn from and engage with a number of exciting guest from the youth sports coaching world.
For more information on the webinars and questions regarding Coaching our youngest players, please contact Chris at Chrisp@rushsoccer.com
Rush mentor Program 4
What is the Rush Soccer Mentor?
The Mentor Program is a 10 month-long education and mentorship opportunity for a select number of Rush coaches. This program was created to support standout coaches, develop their understanding of the Rush Way, foster their desire for self-development, and help them reach the pinnacle of the coaching profession.
The application is open to all Rush Soccer coaches. Successful candidates will have the following traits:
  • Advice - Mentees will actively seek ways to improve and they will demonstrate a growth mindset.
  • Passion - Mentees will be passionate about their own development. They will currently be working within a Rush club, coaching teams and potentially leading programs. Mentees will have begun their formal coaching education journey.
  • Accountable and Tenacious - Mentees will hold themselves accountable and strive to perform at their highest level, even when stretched outside of their comfort zone.
  • Unity - Rush Mentees will be committed to the Rush community, to learning, and to implementing the Rush Way.
How do coaches apply?
Click here to apply

Step 1: Application Deadline - September 6th, 2019
Step 2: Applications will be reviewed and Technical Directors contacted for references
Step 3: Successful candidates will be contacted on or before September 20th, 2019
Step 4: Program Commences the week beginning October 7th, 2019
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What is the Female Coaches Alliance?
The Rush Female Coaches Alliance develops and enhances opportunities for female coaches within Rush, with the goal of increasing representation and supporting coach development. RFCA's purpose is to provide mentorship, development resources, and educational opportunities to Rush clubs to recruit and retain more female coaches, assist with licensing, and encourage female coaches to be leaders in the game.
For more information visit: www.rfcalliance.com