We are excited to announce the release of the newest Rush Soccer Coach Development Tool - Globall Coach.
Globall Coach allows each Rush partner club to document and apply The Rush Way with easy, visual and tangible tools. Let the tactical and training library underpin your methodologies, communicate these throughout your organization allowing for sharing, collaboration, and quality assurance.

Rush Soccer has purchased Globall Coach for each of its domestic and International Partner Clubs. We will provide free access to a complete Rush Way eco-system that will support both player and coach development.

Visit: https://www.globallcoach.com/
Want access? Email us and we will set you up with an account.


iCoachKids is an international, collaborative, multi-agency project aiming to support the development of a Specialist Children and Youth Coaching Workforce across the EU to make sure all youth sport participants have a positive experience led by suitably trained coaches leading to a lifelong involvement in sport and healthier lives.
Click here to visit their webpage and take one of there FREE Coaching Courses